2007-2008 Meeting Schedule

Date Speaker Topic
October 12, 2007 Dr. Thomas Salinas New Materials, Selection, and Restoration of Single CT Guided Dental Implants
November 9, 2007 Dr. Mark Piper Joint Based Occlusion
January 11, 2008

Forum Format Marquette Stars – A Potpourri
James K. Bahcall, DMD, MS
Clinical Introduction of Plastic Endodontic Rotary Files and Ultrasonic Tips
Tim Hart, DDS Implant Custom Abutments
Brian D. Hodgson, DDS Evidence-Based Pediatric Dentistry: A Synthesis of Behavioral and Restorative Components
Michael Waliszewski, DDS, MSD Restoring Dentate Appearance: A survey of edentulous patient preference among different denture esthetic concepts
Thomas S. Wirtz Digital Direction in the Dental Office
March 14,2008 Dr. Mohamed Fayad
Endodontics in the New Millennium “Microendodontics”


April 11, 2008 Dr. Alexander Romashko

Otolaryngology – TBA

May 9, 2008 Dr. Hisham Nasr

Interdisciplinary Esthetic Therapy: Desirable Outcomes through Surgical Excellence