The Dental Forum Executive Committee Meeting Minutes—July 19, 2005



  1. Call to Order 6:47pm.
  2. The first order of business was to discuss this year’s Organizational Chart.  It was discussed and accepted as submitted.  Fine tuning will be accomplished at each specific committee level by those voting committee members.
  3. The Secretary’s Report was next discussed.  These minutes were printed and discussed   Correspondence to new members along with their plaques and pins was organized.  Dr. Smaglick discussed an Honorary member letter and reviewed the protocol to handle that task.  Lastly, it was discussed to get the next mailing out by 8/10.
  4. The Treasurer’s Report was reviewed and discussed.  It was decided to recommend that dues remain at $1000.00 per active member.  A rather lengthy discussion ensued regarding on how best to proceed with the books.  Dr.’s Smaglick and  Dowsett  were to transition the books minimally by reviewing banking services and possibly even buying a new laptop for better organization and easier transitions from year to year.  Ultimately, it was decided to discuss these issues with the general membership at our October business meeting.  The Golf outing wrap-up was discussed and with that the books then were to be closed out by 8/1.
  5. The Program Chair Report went over this coming year’s program.  There was discussion on the remaining open date on April 7.  Dr. Abraham will be working on setting up a road trip to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.  Everything else was ready to go as previously discussed.
  6. The two Social Events were discussed as well.  The WFMO is tentatively at Pine Hills in Sheboygan.  Dr. Tiboris will be handling those arrangements this year.  The Christmas party was also discussed.  We entertained the option of moving this venue to another location.  Future discussions on this and the entertainment aspects with the membership will help ensure the vitality of this wonderful event.
  7. New Business dealt with the Dental Forum’s Website development by Dr.  Moser.  He brought the Website up on his computer and did some upgrading at the meeting.  Since the Website will be our communication center for the Forum from now on, it will be updated on a regular basis by Dr. Moser. 
  8. Meeting Adjourned at 9:00pm.


             Respectfully Submitted,



             Mark Huberty