Minutes of the 2010 Annual

 Executive Committee Meeting

Milwaukee Dental Forum




The annual meeting of the Executive Committee for the Milwaukee Dental Forum was called to order on August 5th, 2010 at 6:00pm by Dr. Timothy McNamara, President of the Milwaukee Dental Forum, at the Wisconsin Club in Milwaukee.


Present were:

                          Dr. Jennifer Abraham

                          Dr. Jeff Keesler

                          Dr. Nancy Larson

                          Dr. David Martyn

                          Dr. Timothy McNamara

                          Dr. John Moser


Dr. Keesler reviewed the minutes from the meeting on 7/21/09. The 2010-2011 slate of officers was confirmed. Dr. Koenig may be assisting Dr. Lynch with the MU students this year.  Dr. McNamara will check with Dr. Henry Rossi, Membership Committee Chair, to confirm members currently on the Membership Committee.


Dr. David Martyn suggested leaving the Life Member mailing policy “as is”, as it concerns less than a dozen members.  There will be a vote at the October Forum meeting regarding the proposal for an Associate Membership category.  Dr. Martyn reviewed the accounting and noted he is still working on finalizing the ‘tax exempt status’ of the Forum.  He reports we have no debts at this time. The golf outing was paid for, and a refund is due from overpayment to the club.


Dr. John Moser completed the transfer of data to the new computer for accounting. Dr Martyn to finish up his work with it, then transfer it to Dr. Jeff Keesler, as the new treasurer.  The account is at U.S.Bank, and the only signers are Dr. Martyn and Dr. Keesler.  It was decided we will be e-mailing statements to membership now.  An ‘alert’ will be sent out to let members know to look for it.








Dr. Abraham reviewed bylaws inconsistencies.  She reported Dr. Waliszweski had suggested that we review the bylaws at a ‘board retreat’.  Dr. McNamara wanted to appoint a committee to review and finalize the bylaws.  Dr Abraham volunteered to chair the committee, and Dr. Martyn offered to be on it as well.


The upcoming schedule of speakers for 2010-2011 was reviewed.  The final copy of it had been faxed earlier by Dr. Lynch. Dr. John Scheels had e-mailed some details of the schedule for 2011-2012, that were reviewed at the meeting.  He has a few speakers lined up.


Discussion on the Christmas party led Dr. McNamara to note he needs to communicate with Dr. Lyndsay Knoell regarding the budget, etc.


Dr. Martyn noted that the WFMO golf outing came out to $159.06/person for golf & dinner and $60.31/person for dinner only.

He reported Tom Witkowski had asked that his golf fee be reduced by the amount of the value of the door prizes he donated. It was decided that this was not appropriate. 


Dr. Keesler reported that Dr. Gus Tiboris had “mixed reviews” of the golf outing, and was considering moving the outing from a Monday to a Friday to potentially attract more players.  Dr. McNamara felt we should discuss this at the October Forum meeting, and have Dr. Tiboris present on it.


Dr. Moser reviewed the 2009-2010 year and felt it was “good”.  There was discussion about digitizing member’s information (and pictures?) on the Forum website. Dr. McNamara will charge the membership committee with this objective.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:50pm.



Respectfully submitted,


Dr. Nancy Larson, Secretary