Minutes of the 2011 Annual

      Executive Committee Meeting of

      The Dental Forum



The annual meeting of the Executive Committee for The Dental Forum was called to order July 21st , 2011 at 6:00 pm by President, Dr. David Martyn, at the Wisconsin Club in Milwaukee.


Members present were: 

Dr. David Martyn               Dr. Mike Kopecky   

Dr. Jeff Keesler                 Dr. John Moser      

Dr. Nancy Larson              Dr. Ken Waliszewski         

Dr. James Hove                Dr. Mike Karczewski         

Dr. Tim McNamara            Dr. Lisa Koenig      

Dr. John Scheels               Dr. Gus Tiboris


The minutes from last year’s meeting, August 5, 2010 were approved


Dr. Nancy Larson presented the secretary’s report.  New membership status, Dr. Angela Lueck will be inducted at the October, 2011 meeting.  There is presently no member in poor membership status.  Dr. Craig Beyers is in the new category of membership, Associated Life Member. Dr. Martyn suggested that the membership committee help in the selection of the next member to the program committee.  Dr. Larson transferred the duties of the secretary to Dr. James Hove.


Dr. Keesler presented the Treasurer’s report.  All member dues are paid and up to date.  The checking account balance is $53,990.25.  The Golf Outing payments will be billed with the annual dues statement.  The annual budget for speaker fees will be the same as last year at $31,000.00.  Any additional amount will be presented through the President to the membership for approval.


Dr. Scheels presented the Program Committee report.  Our first speaker in October, 2011 will be Dr. A. Isabel Garcia.  She has recently been promoted to Director of NIDCR and will provide up to date information about her organization.  Since her salary and expenses are paid for by the institution, Dr. Scheels recommended that we give

donation of $1,000.00 to the NIDCR and the motion was passed.  Dr. Garcia will be asked to provide a guest list of no more than 10 people that she may want to attend her presentation on research.  The Dental Forum will invite these guests to stay for lunch at our expense.  The Executive Committee approved.  Dr. Larson brought up the May 11, 2012 WDA meeting was again in conflict with the Dental Forum Meeting of the same date.  Dr. Scheels would like to keep the Dental Forum Meeting on May 11th  since he has two speakers committed for that date.  However, he will contact them and see if

they could move to May 4, 2012.  The Executive Committee agreed to continue presenting a plaque to the speaker at the end of each CE presentation.  Dr. Koenig explained this is a great remembrance for each individual speaker presenting at The Dental Forum.


Dr. Koenig presented the Holiday Party report.  The upcoming date is February 3, 2012 at the Wisconsin Club.  Dr. Paul Mahn will be the entertainment and we will provide him a $50.00 gift certificate and his meal that evening.  Dr. Martyn suggested that we continue to think of The Dental Forum as an academic organization and a social organization.  In that light, the Executive Committee will bring to the membership for approval of an annual subsidy of $1,000.00 for the Holiday Party food and entertainment.  This would come from the general fund and would not include the bar bill.


Dr. Tiboris spoke on the 2011 Wally Farrell Memorial Golf and Bike Outing on June 6th at the Mequon County Club.  This year’s event included golf, prizes, lunch and dinner.  As in the past, golf was followed by a buffet dinner.  Attending were 25 golfers and 34 (9 additional) for dinner.  The cost for golf was $159.02 and $40.52 for dinner only.  This year’s champions were Dr. Dave Bogenschultz for low gross and Dr. Jerry Jelacic for low net.  A good time was had by all.  We look forward to next year’s event.  Dr. McNamara suggested we also ask the membership for a $10.00 per member subsidy for the WFMO.


Dr. Karczewski presented information on the upcoming 100th Anniversary Celebration.  To reach 100 years for any organization is an incredible accomplishment.  We have passed a motion to contribute $1,000.00 a year to the celebration be he thinks we need to increase that annual amount.  A discussion and new amount will be presented to the membership.  Also a month needs to be selected in the 2021 year for the 100th celebration.  Everyone please contribute historical information and pictures, the event is only 10 years away.  The upcoming Holiday membership party will be our 90th year.


Dr. Moser presented information as the Webmaster.  He would welcome anyone to send him, Forum related digital information and pictures on the internet.  Dr. Martyn proposes that our Website should include a roster of members and their office addresses for public access.

We need to bring this to the membership.  Dr. Martyn thanked Dr. Moser for his many years of service and insight as the Webmaster for The Dental Forum.  Dr. Tim Hart will be asked to continue the duties of the Webmaster.


Dr. Ken Waliszewski spoke as the Librarian/Sage.  Please bring anything historic relating to The Dental Forum to Dr. Waliszewski.   He presently has a lot of items and records at his home and would welcome any additions.  The Dental Forum does not have a museum.  The membership should be asked for ideas on a location, either temporary or permanent.  Dr. Waliszewski is volunteering to write the history of The

Dental Forum for the 100th Anniversary Celebration.  His strategy is to divide the history into decades, the1920's, 1930's, 1940's etc.  He will interview as many of the Life Members as possible and include their unique and memorable stories.  Dr. Moser proposed Dr. Tim McNamara be the editor of this historic piece.  The Executive Committee charges Dr. Ken Waliszewski to write and author the History of The Dental Forum and Dr. Tim McNamara to edit.  There was unanimous approval.


Meeting adjourned at 8:55pm CST.


Respectfully submitted,


Dr. James Hove