Dental Forum, July 26, 2012    

The Dental Forum  (Milwaukee) 

Executive Committee Meeting, at the Wisconsin Club, Minutes. 

2012-2013 Officers present:  President Dr. Jeff Keesler, Vice President Dr. Nancy Larson, Treasurer Dr. James Hove, Secretary Dr. John Scheels, Webmaster Dr. John Moser, Past President Dr. Dave Martyn, Jerry Jelacic and Speaker Chairman Dr. Michael Kopecky.

Dr. Jeff Keesler, President, called the meeting to order at 6:37 pm.

A motion was made and seconded to dispense with the formal reading of the minutes of last years’ executive meeting on July 21, 2011, by then Secretary Jim Hove.  The executive committee then collectively read and reviewed the minutes individually.   It was agreed everything was in order.

 John Moser announced that he is running for ADA Treasurer this year.  If he is elected he will step down as Forum Webmaster.  He reported that he has begun discussion with Tim Hart to serve as his replacement.  He will keep the Forum informed regarding this issue. 

Committee reviewed and discussed the Forum membership categories.  We currently list:  Active regular members: 49; Associate Life Members: 1 (Dr. Craig Byers is the only one in the new status of Associate member.  He pays dues in this category.  He was not eligible for the Retired category.); Life Members: 32. 

New Membership committee is now chaired by Bill Crinzi, Henry Rossi starts a two year term, Jeff Keesler and John Scheels are included because of their officer status and President Keesler named new member Tom LaSelle to fill out the committees’ last position.  

Membership attendance compliance was very good, no letters had to be sent out regarding attendance issues.  

Committee discussed the current demographics of the membership. Forum bylaws require that only 20% of the membership can be out of the Milwaukee area.  Practice location must be within Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Racine, Washington, and Waukesha Counties.  Currently members per County is Milwaukee: 19;  Ozaukee: 9;  Racine: 1; Washington: 1; Waukesha: 10; Sheboygan: 6; Kenosha: 1; Winnebago: 1 and Outagamie: 1.  Therefore we are only one member short of the 20% limit (10 of 50) out of the designated Counties.

James Hove will be choosing his Program Chairman for his future term as President.  That person will then be eligible to become Secretary.

James Hove as new Treasurer then reviewed the current Forum financial situation, using the Reconciliation Detail dated June 30, 2012.  The current Forum checking account balance was $54, 795.  A motion to approve the Reconciliation Report was made by John Moser and seconded by Dave Martyn.

The committee then reviewed the Forum 2012-2013 Preliminary Budget.  With 49 current dues paying Regular members, and Craig Byers’ full dues paying Associate status, an income of $ 50,000 is anticipated.

Several issues regarding the Forum Budget were discussed at length by the committee:  John Moser reported that the Forum is formally an “entity” under the tax code and must file tax forms, according to his accountant.  Following discussion a donation of $500  for the annual MUSOD White Coat Ceremony was added to the budget as a line item, separate from the “Charitable” line.  It appears  that “catering” expense for our meetings will increase to $21,500.   Executive meeting increased to $ 600.    Computer supplies to accommodate managing fees increase of $400.  New member plaques to $400. 

Mike Kopecky needs the Forum speaker plaque template to prepare them.  Scheels agreed to forward them to him.  (Since then the template file was forwarded, but would not work For Mike K.  I found it also was not compatible for my office computer.  We will try to get it to Mike in a usable format.  I asked him to ask Dave Martyn to try sending it to him)  It was advised that RBC be used to fabricate the speaker plaques.  RBC makes the member plaques.

Following discussion, it was decided that future budget notations should include the previous years’ “actual  expenses to facilitate accurate formulation of the new budget.

Following discussion about Mike Karczewskis’ proposal for a $4,500 deposit into the 100 year anniversary fund, it was decided to present this to the membership for a vote.  

A motion to approve the budget was made by Jerry Jelacic and seconded by Dave Martyn.    See the Treasurers ‘ report  for details.

Mike Kopecky reviewed his speakers list for 2012-2013.   He chose them with the theme of Diagnosis and Treatment Planning.  

They are:  October12  Dr. Robt Faulkner, Diagnosis and Treatment Planning for Dental Implants ($4,500); November 9 Dr. Jeffrey Rouse, Global Diagnosis: A New Vision of Dental Diagnosis and Treatment Planning ($8,750) Holt Dental is sponsoring in amount of $2,000 plus a table; January 11 Dr. Robert Morris /MUSOD day, in discussion with Graduate students as potential speakers; March 8 Dr. William Bruce, Avoiding Failures-Key Diagnosis in Function and Esthetics (Fee??); April 12, Three case presentations for round table treatment planning among Forum members:  May 10 Drs. Ken Waliszewski, Francisco Alencar & Paul Moyer, Pain in Management in Dentistry. 

Jerry Jelacic reviewed his speakers list for 2013-2014.   October date is open; November 8 Dr. Howard Glazer, AGD, “What’s New in Dentistry” ; January 10  MUSOD  or other local people; March Dr. Wes Shankland (DDS,MD), Misdiagnosing Pain Syndromes; April 11 Dr. Dennis Bailey: Sleep Appliances.  He may change May to April 25 and 26, 2014 for Dr. Dennis Hartlieb 9-12 each day at the MGM in Las Vegas.   Jerrys’ plan is to encourage members to make their own travel plans and choose where they want to stay on their own.

Holiday Party was discussed.  Lisa Koenig would welcome a new chairman to step forward soon.  She will chair this year, Friday February 8, 2013, with next chairman assisting.

WFMGO was discussed.   There is a need to encourage more people to at least go to the dinner following the golf outing, which is traditionally held the first Monday in June. 

President Keesler discussed the need to generate quality new member candidates.   This should be done by inviting colleagues as guests to become acquainted with the Forum and vice versa. 

The recent passing of Forum members Drs. Goblirsch and Donegan will be recognized with memorial donations to MUSOD. 

A Forum donation to support the MUSOD expansion will be brought up for consideration by Forum membership.

The Forum Librarian and Historian positions were discussed.  Ken Waliszewski as a “retired” member has offered to continue as Librarian and Mike Waliszewski has offered to be Historian.  This will be clarified at the October meeting.

Mike Kopecky indicated he will represent the Dental Forum at the MUSOD White Coat Ceremony.

The Milwaukee Dental Forum Executive Committee meeting was adjourned at 9:20 pm.

Respectfully submitted, John L Scheels