Dental Forum Business Meeting Agenda

March 16, 2011 Milwaukee Athletic Club


1)    Approval of Minutes January 13, 2011


2)    Secretary:  Dr. James Hove

Attendance/ Correspondence


3)    Treasurer’s Report: Dr. Nancy Larson

          Balance/ Review cost structure for guests and Graduate Students only


4)    Program Report:

2011-2012:  Dr. John Scheels

          Speaker roster


2012-2013:  Dr. Mike Kopecky

          Speaker roster


 2013-2014:  Dr. Jerry Jelacic


5)    Committee Reports:

Holiday Party- Dr. Lisa Koenig  

Review February 2012 event

WFMGO – Drs. Gus Tiboris and Robert Feider

June 4, 2012 Oconomowoc Country Club

100th Anniversary – Dr. Mike Karczweski

               Increase Celebration Fund


6)    Membership Report: Dr. Hank Rossi III

Present candidates for Active Membership; elections to be held in May


7)    Webmaster Report: Dr. John Moser

                    Send digital photos for digitization of member information on website


8)    Librarian/ Forum Sage: Dr. Ken Waliszewski


9)    Old Business:

Consideration for increase in user fees;

Life/ Associate Life, guest, graduate student tabled discussion


10) New Business: Dr. Chuck Bohl to receive Distinguished Alumni in Dentistry award

Marquette University Alumni Union; Friday, April 27 6:00 pm


11) Adjournment: