The Dental Forum of Milwaukee Business Meeting Agenda

April 14, 2017

Discovery World


Secretary Report:  Dr. Michael Waliszewski

·         Attendance roll call and report.

o   Present:

o   Excused:

o   Unexcused:

o   Life:

o   Residents:

o   Guests:

o   RSVP list =

·         Quorum status:

o   >20 members for business

o   50% of membership plus 1 for membership issues (25)

·         Reading of business meeting minutes from 03/10/2017.

·         Review of important deadlines:

o   MAY:  New member election.

o   MAY:  Vote on approved budget for 2017-2018.

·         Correspondence:


Treasurer Report:  Drs. Jerry Jelacic and John Moser

·         Current balances:

o   Checking:

o   Savings:

·         Current liabilities:

·         Outstanding accounts receivables:


Program Committee Report:

2016-2017:  Dr. Tom LaSelle


2017-2018:  Dr. Angela Lueck


2018-2019:  Dr. Gary Stafford


Finance Committee Report: 

Drs. Bill Crinzi (Chair)

·         Discussion on proposed budget for 2017-2018:

o   Near full membership likely



·         Members were provided a copy of the budget at March business meeting


·         Open discussion today, official vote to take place at May meeting (per bylaws)


Membership Committee Report: 

Drs. Ken Zganjar (Chair)

·         Summary from Membership Committee report from meeting on 03/10/2017



·         Slate of Officers for Election            Program Year 2017-2018

o   (Co-)Presidents:  Dr. William Crinzi and Dr. Jerry Jelacic

o   President-elect:  Dr. Michael Waliszewski

o   Treasurer:        Dr. John Moser to complete last year.

§  Note Dr. Jerry Jelacic will serve as Treasurer for 3 year term at completion of Dr. Moser’s term (and end of his co-president term)

o   Secretary:  Dr. Tom LaSelle


·         Non-elected positions:

o   Membership Committee opening:                   Dr. Kevin Race

o   Program Chair opening for 2019-2020:          Dr. David Kachelmeyer



o   There are ten (10) membership openings. 

o   Two candidates are from outside the five county area however, there is no chance of exceeding the 20% ‘Outside Milwaukee area’ limit


·         The following twelve (12) new member candidate applications have been approved by Membership Committee (see handout with applications)

§  Thomas Albiero

§  Jeffrey Burke

§  Shaheda Govani

§  Meggie Graham

§  Monica Hebl

§  Alan Kimmel

§  Andris Jaunberzins

§  Mark Lenz

§  Eddie Morales

§  Soni Prasad

§  Lisa Teel

§  John Triggs

·         Reminder to candidate sponsors about statements of support. 

·         Brief explanation of election process to occur at May meeting.


Webmaster:  Dr. John Moser

·         Website issue update


WFMGO:  Drs. Robert Feider and Gus Tiboris

·         Date:

·         Time:

·         Location:


Old Business: 

·        VENUE CHANGES for THIS YEAR:       Dr. Angela Lueck

o   Oct:                 MAC                                       $3,200.00

o   Nov:                MAM                                      $3,111.64

o   Jan:                  Kimptom                                 $5,454.88

o   March:             Potawatomi Hotel                   $3,434.10

o   April:               Discovery World

o   MAY:              MAC


·         Bylaw change proposals:



The constitution may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present, provided to proposed amendment shall have been presented in writing and signed by five (5) active members, thirty (30) days prior to said meeting.


·         Discussion regarding proposal for Bylaws change to remove the Treasurer from the line of succession but still serve on the Executive Committee (Article I Section 3 Treasurer).  Members were provided a copy of proposed change at March business meeting.

o   Vote required:



·         Discussion regarding Proposal for Bylaws change to replace current attendance policy (Article VI Non-Attendance).  Members were provided a copy of proposed change at March business meeting.

o   Vote required:



·         Discussion regarding Proposal for Bylaws change to remove the requirement that a candidate for membership be a member in good standing with the ADA (Article II Section 1 Active Membership).  Members were provided a copy of proposed change at March business meeting.

o   Vote required:




New Business:


·         Plan for long business meeting at May meeting: 

o   12 new members to review, discuss, elect

o   Vote on 2017-2018 budget

o   Vote on long-term venue