The Dental Forum of Milwaukee Business Meeting Agenda

October 13, 2017


Secretary Report:  Dr. Tom LaSelle

·         Attendance roll call at start of business meeting

o   Present:

o   Excused:

o   Unexcused:

o   Life:

o   Resident:

o   Guests:


·         Quorum status:


·         Reading of business minutes from May 12, 2017


·         Correspondence:

o   Four members have applied for life members

§  Dr. Lisa Koenig

§  Dr. Bryan Gapson

§  Dr. Paul Mahn

§  Dr. Keith Clemence

o   Any other applications must be submitted by January 1, 2018


·         Treasurer Report:  Dr. John  Moser


·         Finance Committee Report: Dr. Mike Waliszewski

o   Meeting of Finance Committee following this meeting


·         Membership Committee Report: Dr. Kevin Race

o   Five positions open for new members in 2018


·         Program Committee Report: Dr. Angela Lueck

o   November 10, 2017 Meeting –Clark Stanford, DDS, PhD

o   See Dental Forum website for further information – Forum1921  Password: Milwaukee


·         Holiday Party: Dr. Angela Lueck

o   Date and Location?


·         WFMGO: Drs. Hafner, Larson, and Martyn

o   Date and Location?

·         Old Business

o   Dr. John Scheels – Tax Exempt Status

o   Dr. Mike Karczewski -100 Year Celebration

§  New venue?

§  New date?

o   Bylaws Changes

§  Attendance changes now listed online

§  Costs for Guests  and Life Members now listed online


·         New Business

o   Discuss eliminating Associate Life Member status

o   Discuss 10-year minimum to be eligible for Life Member status

o   New member plaques and pins

§  Dr. Thomas Albiero

§  Dr. Jeffrey Burke

§  Dr. Shaheda Govani

§  Dr. Meggie Graham

§  Dr. Monica Hebl

§  Dr. Alan Kimmel

§  Dr. Andris Jaunberzins

§  Dr. Eddie Morales

§  Dr. John Triggs


·         Adjourn