Current Officers of The Dental Forum of Milwaukee      2016-2017

Executive Committee
            President Dr. Bill Crinzi 262-786-2566
  Dr. Jerry Jelacic 262-373-1850
            President-Elect Dr. Michael Waliszewski
            Treasurer Dr. John R. Moser 414-273-9800
            Secretary Dr. Tom LaSelle 920-733-1111
            Future Secretary Dr. Angela Lueck 414-271-1770
            Past-President Dr. Michael Kopecky 262-334-3084
Finance Committee
            Chair Dr. Michael Waliszewski
Vice-Chair Dr. John R. Moser 414-273-9800
  Dr. Angela Lueck 414-271-1770
  Dr. Robert Hafner    
  Dr. Gary Stafford 708-261-0139
Membership Committee
            Chair Dr. Kevin Race 262-784-6700
Vice-Chair Dr. Michael Waliszewski
  Dr. Michael Kopecky 262-334-3084
  Dr. Chris Shumway 262-644-7400
  Dr. Sarah Quesnell 262-786-2566
Program Committee
            Chair Dr. Angela Lueck 414-271-1770
  Dr. Gary Stafford 708-261-0139
Dr. David Kachelmeyer 414-349-4457
            Librarian & Forum Sage Dr. Ken Waliszewski 262-777-0927
                 Historian and 100 Year Chair  Dr. Michael Karczewski 262-782-4860
            Holiday Party Chair Dr. Angela Lueck 414-271-1770
            WFMO Chairs Dr. Robert Hafner    
  Dr. Nancy Larson    
  Dr. David Martyn    
                 Greeter Dr. Rachael Vogel 262-241-4460
            Webmaster Dr. John Moser 414-273-9800