The Dental Forum

                                                               Business Meeting

                                                                  May 4, 2015



President, Dr. David Martyn, called the meeting to order at 2:00pm in the Superior Room of the Milwaukee Athletic Club.


The minutes from the April 13, 2012 meeting were approved by a majority vote.


Secretary’s Report (Dr. James Hove)


·        Today’s attendance:  39 Active Members, 1 Life Member, 4 AEGD Residents and 6 guests for a total of 50.

·        Two Get Well cards will be sent out; one to Life Member, Dr. Sara Donegan, and one to Active Member, Dr. David Bogenschutz.


Treasurer’s Report (Dr. Nancy Larson)


·        The present checkbook balance is $63,671.58.

·        There are 4 members left to pay their Holiday Party bill.


Membership Committee (Dr. Henry Rossi/Dr. Mark Huberty)


·        Dr. David Martyn asked for this report next.

·        Ballots were passed out for voting into membership three candidates.  They are:

1.   Dr. Geoffrey Thompson, Dr. Ken Waliszewski spoke favorably on his behalf.

2.   Dr. Tom LaSalle, Drs. Jerry Jelacic and Jeff Keesler spoke favorably on his behalf.

3.   Dr. Tom Shaw, Drs. Nancy Baton, Lisa Koenig and David Martyn spoke on his behalf.

·        The vote was unanimous for all three to become Active Members.

·        Today is Dr. Steven Lindstroms 58th birthday.

·        Dr. Martyn thank Dr. John Scheels, the Program Chairman, for the past year of good speakers.


Program Committee (Dr. John Scheels)


·        Dr. Kopecky reported the 2012-2013 meeting dates and the programs are all in place.

·        Dr. Jerry Jelacic reported that he is finalizing the 2013-2014 speakers and has selected April 25-26, 2014 for the trip to Las Vegan, NV.


Committee Reports


·        Holiday Party (Dr. Lisa Koening)

-        Friday, February 8, 2013, is the date for our next Holiday Party at the Wisconsin Club in Milwaukee.

-        Please let Dr. Koening Know if you want to assist in the planning for next year’s party

-        Also, anyone interested in future Chairmanship, let Dr. Koenig know.


·         WMFO Golf Outing (Drs. Tioboris and Feider)

-        June 4, 2012 at the Oconomowoc Country Club is reserved for the outing

-        12:00 (noon) lunch with a 1:00 shotgun start for golf.  Dinner will be at 5:30pm

-        Respond by May 20, 2012 if you are attending any or all of the events.


·        100th Anniversary Celebration (Dr. Mike Karczewski)

-     Rough planning was done for 50 Active Members, 50 Spouses and

      50 Guests for a total of 150 people

-        The American Club in Kohler, WI  is the location and February, 2021 is the date.

-        Cost consideration was done to include a plate dinner or a buffet dinner, cocktail party, banquet room, entertainment, a speaker, a new gravel, a lapel pin, printing programs, name tags and table cards.  This rough cost would be in today’s prices about $26,000.00.  If you use a yearly inflation of 4% for the next 9 years, the event will cost over $36,500.00.

-        Discussion on an average of $4050.00 to be set aside each year for the 100th Celebration concluded with setting aside a little more than $4050.00 a year. 

-        A motion was made to:  Set aside $4,500.00 each year out of existing funds, to be used for the 100th Anniversary Celebration starting now for the next 9 years.  After a discussion and clarification, the motion received unanimous approval.


Webmaster Report (Dr. John Moser)


·        Dr. Moser explained how to change information on the email response to the monthly meeting.  Go to email you received (so you may not want to delete the meeting notice until after the meeting), and register again for the meeting with the correct information. The newest information will be utilized.

·        Dr. Moser asked if we want to keep the application for new members on the website now that we have voted them into new membership?

·        A vote was taken and all agreed to remove the applications for membership from The Dental Forum Website.


Librarian/Forum Sage (Dr. Ken Waliszewski)


·        Continue to bring all Forum related material to Dr. Waliszewski.

·        Dr. Waliszewski is moving to Life Membership status.  We need to consider voting in or appointing an Active Member to the position of Librarian/Forum Sage.

·        This issue will be addressed at the Annual Executive Meeting in July, 2012.


Old Business


·        Nominations were opened for a 2011-2012 Honorary Member.  Dr. Moser reviewed the speakers for the 2011-2012 Scientific Program year.

·        Dr. Ken Waliszewski nominated Dr. Danny Melkers, a vote was taken and 2 members disapproved.  There must be a unanimous agreement to vote someone an Honorary Member.  The motion did not carry.

·        There were no other nominations, so there will be no 2011-2012 Honorary Members.


New Business

·        Dr. David Martyn thanked the Executive Committee for all their fine efforts over the past year.

·        The installation of new officers for the 2012-2013 program year were:

-   Dr. Jeff Keesler for President

-   Dr. Nancy Larson for Vice President

-   Dr. James Hove for Treasurer

·        A vote was unanimous in favor of all.

·        Next the elected position of Secretary was voted on and Dr. John Scheels got unanimous approval.

·        Dr. David Martyn handed over The Dental Forum Gavel to the new President, Dr. Jeff Keesler.  Dr. Keesler spoke with high praise of the excellent service Dr. Martyn provided over the past year in office and his efforts are noted and appreciated by all.

·        A plaque and a small gift was presented to Dr. Martyn.

·        Dr. Jeff Keesler asked for a motion of adjourn and an all in favor got unanimous vote.

·        Meeting was adjourned at 2:45pm.



Respectfully submitted,


James C. Hove, DDS


James C. Hove, DDS