The Dental Forum

                                                             Business Meeting

                                                             November 9, 2012


Vice President Dr. Nancy Larson called the Business Meeting to order at 3:05p. at the Milwaukee Athletic Club.

The minutes from the October 12, 2012 meeting were approved by a majority vote.

Secretary’s Report   (Dr. James Hove for Dr. John Scheels)

·        Today’s attendance:  39 Active Members, 3 Life Members, 12 Guests and 9 AEGD and Prosthodontic Residents for a total of 63.

Treasurer’s Report   (Dr. James Hove)

·        Checking account balance is $94,182.00 and the 100th Celebration Saving Account is $5,000.00 for a total of $99,182.00.

·        There are five members left to pay their annual dues.

Membership Committee   (Dr. Bill Crinzi)

·        Dr. David Bogenschutz will be the new Chairman.  Dr. Jeff Keesler, Dr. John Scheels, Dr. Tom La Selle and Dr. Bob Hafner will be on the Committee.

Program Committee   (Dr. Mike Kopecky)

·        Presently working on January, 2013, Dr. Morris’ MUSOD Day.  The final schedule will be announced in December.

·        The March, April and May speakers are in place with April being a Round Table Presentation.

·        Dr. Jerry Jelacic recently went to Las Vegas and will select a location and a speaker for that trip in the near future.

Committee Reports

·        Holiday Party   Dr. Lisa Koenig confirmed the date of Friday, February 8, 2013

·        100th Anniversary Celebration   Dr. Mike Karczewski thanked the members for the $5,000.00 that were set aside for the anniversary.

Webmaster Report   (Dr. John Moser)

·        Dr. Moser will remain the Webmaster since he did not win the election for Treasurer of the ADA.

·        He asked if anyone knew if The Dental Forum is registered with the State of Wisconsin as a viable entity.

Librarian/Sage   (Dr. Ken Waliszewski)

·        No new information was available.

Old Business

·        Dr. Lynch explained why there are fewer dental students attending The Dental Forum programs.  The Practice Management Course now allows a wider variety of events to count toward the requirements.  Students can get credit attending the Chicago Midwinter Meeting on a weekend and now use a full Friday clinic day at The Dental Forum. 

·        Please continue to bring guests as they may be future Forum candidates.

New Business

·        Due to the adequate money in the checking account, Dr. Paul Smaglick made a motion to place another $5,000.00 in the 100th Anniversary Celebration Fund for a new total of $10,000.00.  Motion was seconded and the motion passed by unanimous vote.

·        Dr. Bill Crinizi was selected as the Program Chairman for the 2014 -2015 program year.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:25pm.


Respectfully submitted,

James C. Hove, DDS

James C. Hove, DDS

Treasurer/Acting Secretary