The Dental Forum of Milwaukee Business Meeting Minutes

May 12, 2017

Milwaukee Athletic Club


Pre-Lunch visit from Paul Heck – general manager of the MAC

            Paul has been GM at MAC for just over a year

·         He apologized for the communication challenges as there has been regular turn-over of young staff before he arrived and this has continued as he tries to find a more experienced staff.

·         He discussed his desire to work with the Forum to maintain our relationship

·         He asked for and received several questions from the membership.  Questions were asked regarding over-night accommodations and the AV equipment.

·         Paul also explained the now 2 month old capitol campaign that the MAC has begun.  The club is owned by its members.  What upgrades they do depends on the money that is raised.

·         He is open to negotiating price/benefits to get us to stay


Secretary Report:  Dr. Michael Waliszewski

·         Attendance roll call and report.

o   Present:           37

o   Excused:         6

o   Unexcused:     6

o   Life:                5

o   Residents:       5 – 4 of 5 residents late, they do not return name tags

o   Guests:            3

·         Quorum status:

o   >20 members for business

o   50% of membership plus 1 for membership issues (25)

o   51% of total present and eligible to vote = 19 for this day

·         Reading of business meeting minutes from 04/14/2017.

o   Motion made and pass to dispense with reading of last month’s minutes

·         Review of important dates:

o   June 6th:           WFMGO         River Club of Mequon

o   Year-end Executive committee meeting:        Wed. July 26th 6pm

o   August 1st:       New officers take positions

o   October 13th:   First meeting of the 2017-2018 year

·         2017 Bylaws revisions and updates completed.  Will issue edited and updated version online and at October business meeting.

·         Correspondence:

o   Dr John Scheels – to be read during election process

o   Dr Lisa Koenig – request for Life Membership

o   Dr. Bryan Gapson – request for Life Membership

o   *Currently 4 requests for life memberships (due date Jan 1st, 2018)


Treasurer Report:     Budget passed for 2017-2018

Program Committee Report:           2017-2018 Venue will be Milwaukee Athletic Club

2017-2018:  Dr. Angela Lueck


10.13.17 – Mark Murphy, DDS

A Pathway to a More Rewarding and Profitable Practice

“The Periodic Table of Functional Elements for Sustained Success”

Team Event

-          Practice in Rochester, MI

-          Lead faculty for clinical education at ProSomnus

-          Adjunct faculty at University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry

-          Visiting faculty for the Pankey Institute


11.10.17 – Clark Stanford, DDS, PhD

Integrating Predictable Esthetics into Clinical Practice

“Focus on Young Adult Patients with Missing Teeth”

-          Dean of UIC

-          UIC professor in department of restorative dentistry, department of bioengineering, and college of engineering

1.12.18 – Nader Sharifi, DDS, MS

Partial/Denture Techniques for the 21st Century

“Improving George Washington’s Wooden Teeth”

-          Private practice in Chicago, IL

-          Prosthodontic degree from Northwestern

-          Master degree biomaterials

3.9.18 – Michael Sesemann, DDS

Synergy of Esthetics, Occlusion and Function

-          Private practice in Omaha, NE

-          Fellow in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

-          Clinical instructor for Kois Center

-          Adjunct faculty at University of Nebraska Medical College of Dentistry

4.13.18 – Michael Scherer, DMD, MS + Tim Hart, DDS, MS

3D Acquisitions/ Design/ Production

-          Private practice limited to prosthodontics in Sonora, CA

-          Clinical professor at Loma Linda University

-          Clinical instructor at University of Nevada School of Dental Medicine

-          Private practice in Shorewood, WI

-          Extensive lecturer on computer guided surgery

5.11.18 – Kathy French, DDS + Dennis Hartlieb, DDS

Sleep Disorder Breathing:  The Dentists’ Roll

-          Private practice in Itasca, IL

-          Instructor for Pankey Institute

-          Diplomat in the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine

-          Private practice in Glenview, IL

-          Adjunct faculty at Marquette University School of Dentistry

-          Instructor for Cosmedent

-          Accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry


2018-2019:  Dr. Gary Stafford

There are no holiday conflicts with the proposed dates that I am aware of.

10.12.18 – Mitchell Gardiner DMD – Medico-Legal

·         “The Changing Standards of Care in Dentistry – 2018”

·         Private Practice

·         Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor

·         Rutgers University School of Dental Medicine

11.09.18 – Doug Sligting – (Office Staff Day) – Marketing

·         “The Dental Profession is Changing: Ineffective Marketing is No Longer an Option.”

·         CEO of Dental Branding, Inc.

01.11.19 – Margherita Fontana DDS, PhD & Sandra Guzman-Armstrong DDS,                             MS – Cariology

·         Cariology for the 21st Century: Current Caries Management Concepts for Dental Practice.”

·         Professor (MF)             Department of Cariology, Restorative Sciences & Endodontics

·         University of Michigan School of Dentistry

·         Clinical Associate Professor (SGA)          Department of Operative Dentistry

·         University of Iowa College of Dentistry

03.08.19 – J. William Robbins DDS, MA – Treatment Planning

·         “Global Diagnosis – A New Vision of Dental Diagnosis and Treatment Planning.”

·         Private Practice

·         Adjunct Clinical Professor         Department of Comprehensive Dentistry

·         UT Health Science Center at San Antonio School of Dentistry

04.13.19 – Brian Mealey DDS, MS – Periodontics

·         “The Connections Between Periodontal Health and Systemic Well-Being: What Do They Mean to My Practice?”

·         Professor and Graduate Program Director              Department of Periodontics

·         UT Health Science Center at San Antonio School of Dentistry

05.10.19 – TBD – Dr. Robert Morris/MUSoD Day


WFMGO:  Drs. Robert Feider and Gus Tiboris

·         Date:               June 6th

·         Time:               Noon

·         Location:         River Club of Mequon


Old Business: 

·        Reminder:  Budget discussed, voted on, and passed at April meeting to condense total time for today’s business meeting.


New Business:

1.      Membership committee report:  Dr. Ken Zganjar – Chair of Membership Committee

o   No honorary membership recommendations

2.      NEW MEMBER ELECTIONS: Dr. Ken Zganjar – Chair of Membership Committee

§  There are ten (10) membership openings

§  Two candidates are from outside the five county area however, no chance of exceeding the 20% ‘Outside Milwaukee area’ limit

§  51% vote of members present required to be elected

§  Fill slots with highest vote total on down (possible for a candidate to get 51% and NOT be elected if slots filled by higher vote getter)

§  Not required to fill all openings (may vote for up to 12 or none)

§  Ties broken by run-off vote until tie is broken

o   2 minute introduction by Sponsor, followed by CONFIDENTIAL discussion for and/or against each applicant

o   The following twelve (12) new candidate applications were approved by Membership Committee and reviewed by the membership in April:


§  Thomas Albiero           (Kopecky)



§  Jeffrey Burke              (Hart)



§  Shaheda Govani          (Lynch)



§  Meggie Graham          (Lueck)



§  Monica Hebl               (Moser)           

Dr. Lueck spoke as Sponsor for Dr Hebl due to Dr Moser’s absence.


§  Alan Kimmel               (Lueck)



§  Andris Jaunberzins      (Boldt)

Letter from Dr. Scheels read regarding Dr J.


§  Mark Lenz                   (LaSelle)



§  Eddie Morales             (Boldt)



§  Soni Prasad                 (Koenig)



§  Lisa Teel                      (Lueck)



§  John Triggs                  (Smith, Matt)

Dr. M Smith not present.  No sponsor introduction

                   *Confidential discussions not recorded

3.      Vote:  37 numbered ballots passed out to eligible voters.  37 ballots received.


During vote tally:




o   Oct:             MAC


o   Nov:           MAM                                       Not considered


o   Jan:             Kimpton    


o   March:        Potawatomi Hotel


o   April:          Discovery World


o   May:           MAC


o   Discussion:      Dr. Lueck gave introduction to the information spread sheet provided on the agenda.  Basic comparisons were made.   The MAM was removed from consideration due to its poor performance and upon hearing that the lecture room is being converted into alternative use space.  It was also noted that the cost/person for the MAC was significantly lower today with the more accurate attendance number.  Without the bar bill included the total cost of the MAC for today is $2,729.32 or $55.7/person.  This is likely several hundred dollars more total but still significantly less than the recorded $106/person with 30 in attendance back in October.


o   Vote:   It was agreed to vote for a single favorite location and then have a run off between the two highest vote getting locations.

§  Round 1:  MAC = 22, Kimptom 5, Pota 9, Discovery 1

§  Round 2:  A run-off between MAC and Pota

·         This vote was taken by show of hands

·         MAC = 24

·         Pota = 13


o   The MAC was thereby selected as the venue for the 2017-2018 year

§  Discussion was had regarding the following points:

§  Negotiate prior to letting MAC know decision made

§  Ask for improved AV equipment immediately

§  Several discussed room upgrades but several countered with “better” accommodations at the Hotel Metro have worked well



5.      New Member Election results

o   The following 9 (nine) candidates received over the 19 total votes needed to be elected as new members of the dental forum


o   The remaining 3 candidates received fewer than the 19 needed for election


§  Thomas Albiero          


§  Jeffrey Burke             


§  Shaheda Govani         


§  Meggie Graham         


§  Monica Hebl                          


§  Alan Kimmel              


§  Andris Jaunberzins     


§  Eddie Morales


§  John Triggs                 


Minutes respectfully submitted by Michael P Waliszewski, Secretary.