Exciting news for the Dental Forum of Milwaukee

I received this email from Dr. Alan Rosenfeld:

Dr. Tardieu and I are prepared to present an exciting day meeting on the "Use of Computer In Implant Dentistry". My role will be to present my experiences in the past 18 months and how it has affected the surgical prosthetic interface and collaborative accountability for the restorative dentistry. Dr. Tardieu will be chiefly responsible for presenting his research on the SAFE system. This is a system that he developed for the immediate delivery of a prosthesis at the time of implant placement all from the computer. No impressions. The Dental Forum will be the first group in North American to hear this presentation.


 Dr. Tardieu would like to speak alternately at 1.5 hours intervals which should make it more interesting for the audience. We need to work out the specifics. Here is a tentative outline. Total speaking time 6 hours.
Introduction of Implantology driven by computers
Simplant program presentation: basic and advanced
Clinical cases with different Guides
Team Approach to patient management- Collaborative accountability
The 5 step approach to for successful implant dentistry
Trans-sinusal guided implantation
Immediate smile and immediate loading
Questions and answer