Endodontics in the new Millennium



Clinicians frequently encounter endodontically treated teeth that are failing. Endodontists often face the challenges to choose between non surgical, surgical retreatment or extraction and tooth replacement. This lecture will review new philosophies in indications of re-treatment versus periradicular surgery or implant placement. By utilizing innovative technologies, demonstration of how to manage certain retreatment challenges will be presented. This presentation will focus on the step-by-step techniques that may be utilized to guide each case to successful completion. The second half of the presentation is designed to provide the opportunity to learn about contemporary microsurgical armamentarium and techniques from flap design, reflection, root end preparation and filling to suturing.

Video presentations and demonstrations of techniques used during endodontic retreatment and periradicular surgery procedures will be utilized.  Topics will include separated instrument removal, post removal, perforation repair and location of previously untreated canals.

Objectives: At conclusion, the participants should be able to:


1.              Identify the new armamentarium for the dental operating microscope (microendodontics).

2.              Access, crack identification, locating canals, cleaning and shaping and obturation using the dental operating microscope.

3.              Identify the microbial etiology of post treatment disease (PTD).

4.              Utilize the new technology available (3-D imaging, dental operating microscope, ultrasonics and different bone grafting material) to improve on the diagnosis and prognosis of cases with post treatment disease.

5.              Establish the correct strategy to achieve a good prognosis well before the beginning of the treatment (non-surgical, surgical or single tooth implant).