Emerging Trends and Contemporary Technologies in Osseointegrated Tooth Replacement


The ever changing face of technology has influenced today’s approach to treating patients faced with the loss of a single or multiple teeth. This presentation identifies the traditional standards at which dentists have practiced osseointegrated implant dentistry and compares emerging technologies which stand to improve its outcomes. Techniques of computerized imaging and guided surgery will be discussed along with computerized manufacturing of prostheses. A breakdown of the current manufacturing technologies will be reviewed to familiarize one when making decisions that are case appropriate.


Nouveau material selection along with computerized milling has entered a new era as these technologies have merged with opportunities for unique esthetic and functional application. This confluence has changed the approach to solving traditional problems associated with casting accuracy, biomechanical failure, and introduction of errors into fabrication phases. Biomechanical principles will also be discussed in design of these restorations with special emphasis on materials commonly used.

The presentation’s goals are emphasized for review of techniques that are newly developed for implant surgery and prosthodontics and specifically directed at:

Ř     Applying guided technology to appropriate patient cases.

Ř     Understanding the latest evidence for immediate loading.

Ř     Understanding biomechanical axioms for sound force distribution.

Ř     Understanding materials specifically used for all ceramic reconstruction.