Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae


Michael Patrick Waliszewski, DDS, MsD

1924 N. Hubbard St.  Condo #220

Milwaukee, WI  53212

Home:  (414)-372-7081

Work:  (414)-288-1983


Educational History


            I.     Marquette University High School

a.      Graduating class of 1995

          II.     Marquette University

a.      College of Arts and Sciences

b.     Fall 1995 – Spring 1998

c.      Awarded Batchelor degree in Biology spring 1999

        III.     Marquette University Dental School

a.      Early admission thru pre-dental scholars program

b.     Fall 1998 – Spring 2002

c.      Awarded Doctor of Dental Surgery degree – May 19th, 2002

       IV.     University of Washington Graduate Prosthodontic Program

a.      June 2002 – August 2005


Professional Licensing History


            I.     National Boards Part I and II

a.      Completed testing January 2002

          II.     Central Regional Dental Testing Service

a.      Completed the dental licensing exam

b.     May 2002

        III.     State of Wisconsin

a.      License to practice dentistry

b.     Awarded June 3rd, 2002 - current

       IV.     State of Washington

a.      License to practice dentistry

b.     Awarded April 16th, 2003


Educational Honors and Awards


            I.     Marquette University School of Dentistry

a.      Dean’s list 2001

b.     Class rank was in top 20%

c.      Scholarships awarded each of four years due to academic achievement


          II.     Wisconsin Dental Study Club Award for Outstanding Sophomore Student

a.      June 2000

b.     “Student who showed well rounded academic, clinical, and laboratory ability.”


        III.     2002 Hanau Best of the Best Prosthodontic Award

a.       “Awarded to the graduating senior who has excelled in the study and clinical application of prosthodontics.”

b.     MUSOD recipient


       IV.     2002 American College of Prosthodontists Award

a.      Outstanding Undergraduate Achievement in the Study of Prosthodontics

b.     MUSOD recipient


         V.     Omicron Kappa Upsilon

a.      Elected to Xi Chapter as graduating senior April 23rd, 2002

b.     “OKU is a National Dental Honor Society whose aim is to honor those students who have distinguished themselves by a high degree of scholarship, have demonstrated exemplary traits of character, and have potential qualities for future professional growth and attainment.”


       VI.     The David H. Wands Graduate Fellowship in Prosthodontics

a.      First University of Washington recipient

b.     “To reward fellowship recipients for clinical excellence in prosthodontics, compassionate patient care, and outstanding scholarship.”

c.      Financial assistance to those considering an academic career in dentistry


     VII.     University of Washington Graduate Program in Prosthodontics

a.      Admission straight from dental school at age 25

b.     Named Chief Resident in June 2004


   VIII.     American College of Prosthodontics Education Foundation

a.      Awarded scholarship for 2005

b.     Award to outstanding graduate students




            I.     Waliszewski MP, Brudvik JS.  The conversion partial denture: A clinical report.

J Prosthet Dent 2004;91:306-9.


          II.     Waliszewski MP.  Restoring dentate appearance: a literature review for modern complete denture esthetics.  J Prosthet Dent 2005;93:386-94.


        III.     Waliszewski MP, Janakievski J.  Sequencing patients to implant-supported full-mouth reconstructions: a case report.  Pract Proceed Aesthet Dent  2005;17:267-272.





            I.     Waliszewski, MP, Shor A, Brudvik JS, Raigrodski A.  A survey of edentulous patient preference among different denture esthetic concepts.  J Esthet Restor Dent  2006;18:352-369.




I.       MUSoD

a.      4 day/week contract

b.     Clinical assistant professor

II.     Greenbrook Dentistry

a.      1 day/week

b.     Practice limited to Prosthodontics