Michael Waliszewski, DDS, MSD –


Restoring Dentate Appearance: A survey of edentulous patient preference among different denture esthetic concepts


Unfortunately, complete denture esthetics receives little attention in the modern Prosthodontic literature.  Historical biases in fabrication techniques and patient management often leads to less than desirable results.  With the demand for complete dentures expected to remain steady, renewed emphasis on the reasons for success of edentulous treatment is necessary.


Dr. Waliszewski will summarize an exhaustive review of complete denture esthetic literature in an attempt to illustrate the importance of successfully restoring the appearance of an edentulous patient.  This shortened review will lead to a discussion of modern complete denture esthetic concepts and how patient management is of prime importance.  Dr. Waliszewski’s recently conducted investigation of the three complete denture esthetic concepts will be highlighted.


Dr. Michael Waliszewski received his DDS from Marquette University School of Dentistry in 2002.  He then received his MSD and certificate in Prosthodontics from the University of Washington in August, 2005.  While in Seattle Michael was able to publish several peer-reviewed articles and also became the first recipient of the David H. Wands fellowship in prosthodontics.  The research being presented won first place at the Pacific Coast Society for Prosthodontics research competition in June 2005.  Michael and his wife Deanne Waterman live in the Brewer’s Hill area of downtown Milwaukee.  His favorite duties as a clinical assistant professor at MUSoD include directing the live patient complete denture course, conducting the Graduate Prosthodontic removable literature review, and working on cases with the Prosthodontic residents.