Title of Presentation: Functional Occlusion as the Basis for Interdisciplinary Dentistry and Orthodontics



Drs. Freeland and Girardot will present a goal oriented treatment philosophy that is rooted in sound principles of physiology, as well as, esthetics. These concepts apply to all aspects of dentistry, including orthodontics.


In the past, properly mounted study models were the primary tool for treating in three dimensions. Now, with the addition of computer based technology, more complete three dimensional diagnoses and treatment planning can be an everyday reality.


Bibliography, clinical applications, and case examples will be shown throughout the presentation.



Dr. Theodore D. Freeland

Former Clinical Instructor Fixed Prosthetics, University of Detroit

Professor of Orthodontics University of Detroit / Mercy

Faculty Roth Williams Center

ABO, OKU, Roth Williams International Society of Orthodontics

Director Advanced Education in Orthodontics

Private Practice Orthodontics


Dr. R. Andrew Girardot

Former Clinical Instructor Operative Dentistry, University of Southern California

Former Clinical Instructor Orthodontics, University of Colorado

Faculty Roth Williams Center

ABO, Edward H. Angle Society, OKU, Roth Williams International Society of


Private Practice Orthodontics