Title: Controversies and Innovations in Implant Dentistry and Esthetics

8:30am to 3:30 pm


Who should attend this course:


This program is designed to help The Entire Team restorative dentist, orthodontist, periodontist and oral and maxillofacial surgeon.


Program Content:

Implant dentistry is continuously evolving into a more predictable form of therapy. New

and innovative techniques now allow for better esthetics and greater patient comfort. At the same time, these numerous new techniques and therapies that are available continue to raise questions and concerns regarding the pros and cons of each.


This full day program will answer the FAQs regarding many controversial issues as they relate to early loading, predictability, membrane placement, membrane type, grafting, primary closure, immediate placement, immediate temporization, to mention a few. The program will address and interweave the innovations in implant dentistry and how they can enhance your clinical outcomes for greater patient satisfaction.


Educational Objectives:

Following this program, participants should be able

1)      To understand the new implant designs and surfaces

2)      To understand immediate loading vs. early loading

3)      To understand the occlusal considerations of implants

4)      To understand periimplantitis concerns around implants


Topics To be Covered:

The course will present the most up-to-date information available as it relates to the following questions:


         Can we immediately load implants?

         Can we load implants earlier?

         How effective is platform switching interproximally and facially

         How predictable are they and what graft material work best

         What is the best graft material for ridge augmentation and sinus lift?

         The advantages and limitations of distraction osteogenisis

         Pros and cons of new surface textures on implants

         Advantage and disadvantage of tapered vs. straight implants

         Controversy over internal vs. hexed implants

         Should osseointegrated implants be splinted to natural teeth?

         How to attain ideal esthetic single tooth restorations

         What styles of occlusion should be used with implant supported bridges?

         Should you use porcelain, acrylic, or metal occlusal surfaces?

         What type of temporization is best before and after implant placement?

         What are the periodontal considerations around implants?

         How do implants affect treatment planning for the advanced perio-prosthetic case?

         Treating the serial extraction case

         When do we extract a tooth and place an implant?

         Do we need attached gingival for long-term implant survival?

         Immediate vs. delayed socket placement

         Absorbable vs. non-absorbable membranes

         Can we treat ailing implants successfully?

         Is cementable or screw retained bridgework better?

         Is age or osteoporosis a risk factor for implants?

         Is smoking a risk factor for implants?

         Can we use transitional implants for fixed provisionals?