Robert R. Winter, DDS

March 2009



An Interdisciplinary Approach to Treatment Planning,

Clinical Procedures and Esthetic Dentistry



A team concept to patient treatment is essential to develop a long term biologic and esthetic outcome. A comprehensive oral-facial analysis and diagnosis will enable the clinician and technician to develop a treatment plan that can be successfully executed. The ultimate goal is to provide treatment that is biologically acceptable, functionally enduring and tooth-like in appearance. Clinical procedures, the timing of different treatment modalities, and a systematic thought process will be described in detail. We will discuss the materials and instrumentation for both the clinical and laboratory phases of treatment.


Aspects to be covered:

         Treatment decisions based on tooth position, arrangement, and gingival harmony.

         Treatment procedures and sequencing of multidisciplinary treatments.

         Functional considerations-developing clinical success.

         Periodontal and restorative techniques to develop ideal gingival appearance around teeth, pontics, and implants.

         Restorative materials for veneers, crowns, and bridges.

         Case reviews from simple to complex treatments.