April 12, 2013


Speaker:Dr. Kevin Race


Topic: Treatment Considerations for a Class III, Posterior Crossbite Patient.





















Speaker:Dr. Mark Boldt


Topic:Esthetic Management of Maxillary Anterior Case with Deciduous Laterals




























Speaker:Dr. Mark Huberty


Topic:Adaptation in the TMJ:Friend or Foe?


Course Description: Over 25 years as a general dentist Iíve witness tremendous growth in our profession.Clinically this progress is largely the result of advancements in the sciences.One such area making consistent and significant strides has been in our understanding and management of TMDís in everyday practice.†† Still there remains controversy and trepidation on what constitutes best practices.Since the TM joints are the foundation of the bite it behooves the clinician to move comfortably and confidently in helping this widely presenting and at times rather complex patient population with TMDís.

To explore these challenges more fully, Iíd like to attempt to illuminate some of the critical stepping stones in TMJ diagnosis through a typical case study workup.†† The ultimate goal of this exercise is for each participant to move another step closer to a more comfortable, logical and generally agreed upon treatment plan.†† Based on clearer diagnostic information and therefore a better understanding of the various viable treatment plan options, better treatment outcomes and a more definite prognosis for the patients we serve should be anticipated.


Learning Objectives:

1.Adaptation : Is it really all about sex and timing? (Answer: It really is!)

2.Does the joint change cause the occlusal change, does the occlusal change cause the joint change, neither or both?(Answer: Can be all of the above.)

3.When and why do you need an MRI of the TMJ?(Answer: It determines a definitive intra-articular diagnosis thereby establishing the greatest conviction in the prognosis of your course of treatment.)

We all have biases and you should know mine. The following group of professionals are what I would consider my top ten TMJ foundational influences and their primary contributions to this area of study and to my understanding.

1.      The Panky Institute:The first 8 courses were a great starting point on occlusion, muscles & the TMJ

2.      Henry Gremillion: Anatomical basics of the TMJ

3.      Parker Mahan:Physiological and pathophysiological basics of the TMJ

4.      Charles McNeil: Clinical, physical medicine basics of the TMJ

5.      Jeff Okeson:†† Psychological and occlusal-muscle disorder basics of the TMJ

6.      Peter Dawson:His courses, his textbooks and his Classification of Occlusion relating to TMDís

7.      Gordon Christensen: Equilibration and prosthetic basics

8.      Frank Spear:Occlusion and esthetics management in TMD cases

9.      Mark Piper: Diagnosis and management of the various TMDís

10.  Jim McKee: Superbly putting muscles, joints, teeth and esthetics altogether in the TMD patient